an rss reader that bundles atom feeds into one consumable pdf

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#Molecule Reader

Molecule is an RSS feed aggregator which produces PDFs of content as its output. (The name is a play on Atom feeds.)


Development is being done on Sourcehut. The project page can be found at https://sr.ht/~ntietz/molecule-reader/ with links from there to:

Contributions are welcome. Please see the "Contributing" section below for more information.

#Bug Reports

For all bug reports, please email ~ntietz/public-inbox@lists.sr.ht with steps to reproduce.


This project is in a very early stage. As such, contributions are welcome but please reach out to me before making or submitting a patch. Things are going to be in such a state of flux that I don't want someone to put in the effort for a patch if it's likely to be unable to be applied due to major structural changes to the project.

Contributions are primarily driven through the mailing list. Please start all contributions by talking to me (either there, or through private channels if you know how to reach me on those).

Also, I understand that since I'm hosting this on a forge which doesn't use merge/pull requests, it's a little bit daunting for people to get started with contributions. I feel you, and I have been there myself. The first patch by email is the hardest one, and then the workflow is pretty natural and rather ergonomic.

Open offer: If you want to make a patch to this project, or just want to learn how to make patches by git send-email, email the public inbox above or my personal email, and I will walk through doing your first patch with you to get you all setup. (We can do something like a README change for demo purposes.)

Similarly, if you really don't want to contribute by emailing a patch, just make clone the repo and push your own fork to your forge of choice, then email the list with information for where I can find it, and I can pull your changes in. No sweat.


All code in this repository, unless mentioned otherwise, is licensed under the AGPL. The license text is available in LICENSE.