My EX had a boob job and loved to show it off anytime she could… she would wear button down shirts with that “other” button undone, she always looked very hot but on occasion I would ask her if maybe toning it down at work would be better for her career. She never did get it… sometimes, less is better… but if a woman wants to be taken seriously, she should use her mind, not her boobs to succeed… I think I’ll wear a Banana Hammock to work tomorrow to show off my sexuality!

KC KC´s last [type] ..Celebrating the Giants World Series Win!

From my perspective, when a woman dresses in an ‘obvious’ provocative manner it becomes hard for me to take her seriously. If she is all hanging out in a professional environment then it tells me that she thinks she doesn’t measure up and is dressing this way to make up the difference.

In a previous life, I worked with this girl who during EVERY performance review would wear a low cut top and tight skirt to her one-on-one reviews. Otherwise she dressed appropriately. After about the 3rd time of her doing this, the office caught on to her little tricks.

Unfortunately for her, it didn’t work, she still got fired. Chopper Papa´s last [type] ..Who needs off shore bank accounts when


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