funge (unefunge, befunge, trefunge, ...) implementation for emacs in elisp

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1. What is [une|be|tre|multi]-funge?

See the esoteric language wiki: Befunge98

2. emacs-funge

An implementation of (*)funge in elisp. I started a funge implementation about 10 years ago in common lisp. This is more or less a port of the funge-virtual-machine to emacs lisp, and a reimplementation of toadstool (the funge IDE) to emacs.

Why? I wanted to improve my emacs lisp skills, spending more and more time in emacs. Actually I was suprised how fast emacs lisp is. Also the development of emacs lisp (emacs eco system, ert for testing, macrostep, etc) is very, very convenient.

3. toadstool

on top of the emacs-funge funge-runtime i made toadstool available - a kind of IDE to program in *funge-languanges.

C-c t n create new funge instance
C-c t f load a funge file into a new instance
C-c t s save funge instance in a non portable format
C-c t r run funge instance, providing visual feed back

Date: 2024-05-22 Wed 00:00

Author: Otto Karl Florian Diesenbacher-Reinmüller

Created: 2024-05-22 Wed 09:43