Out of Line eXecution

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Library that can allocaate Out of Line eXecution buffers.

#Quick usage

See examples/tutorial.c.


If you're not using Guix, then here's the list of dependencies depending on your usage. However, if you are using Guix, simply do:


to have a shell setup for development.


  • capstone
  • liburcu (bullet proof flavor)


  • csmith
  • elfutils (libdwfl)


  • gcc >= 8 || clang >= 8
  • Guile 3
  • GNU Make
  • pkg-config


#Build system

Custom build system purely in Scheme. However, it mimics the GNU build system so the classic configure, make and make install should work.


The project can be compiled and tested from Emacs. If you're using the package projectile, then you're good to go. If not, look at what .dir-locals.el does and tweak it to your needs.


If you're not using Emacs, then you can still use the scripts under scripts/. Some of these scripts assume that you're using Guix. Others don't. However, they all require Guile.