Experiments with Minetest and Lua.
--	luamt-server

An experimental Minetest server in Lua.

-	Build a module for working with Minetest's protocols.
-	Target the latest version of MT.
-	Document the protocols in an easy, approachable way.
-	Experiment! Do what MTE can't!

-	Implementing MTE's modding system & Lua_API.
-	Backwards compat for old clients.

Repo structure:
-	luamt/
	The luamt module.
-	minimal/
	A barebones working server.
-	fullfat/
	WIP testbed server, built alongside luamt.
	Features are written here, later moved to luamt.

Terms used:
-	connection protocol
		Built on top of UDP, maintains sessions.
		Enables sending data reliably and splitting into small chunks.
		Sometimes referred to as the 'low-level' protocol.
-	game protocol
		Minetest's client-server communucation.
		Everything from node definitions to player movement.
		Sometimes referred to as the 'high-level' protocol.
-	MTE (Minetest Engine)
		The official Minetest engine (server & client).
-	Lua_API
		MTE's API for writing games and mods in Lua.