Simple cli todo manager

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Simple cli todo manager, inspired by cras and jonhoo's shell greeting.

It lets you sort tasks by category. Categories have color and probability: the category is shown in the chosen color, and in probability mode with the given probability.

Probability mode (-p) can be used as a shell greeting. For example, if a category's probability is 0.7 and color is cyan then it will be printed in cyan and shown 70% of the time. When invoked without any arguments all tasks are displayed.

Deadlines are to be input as YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm. Tasks whose deadline has passed will have [BACKLOG] appended to them.

alt text

If $TODO_FILE is set then that file is used, otherwise $HOME/todo.txt is used.


  • Release
cargo install todo-cras
  • Current
cargo install --git https://git.sr.ht/~p00f/todo-cras

or clone this repo and

cargo build --release


todo-cras <no-arguments>: Display all tasks
          -p            : Display tasks according to probability
          -e            : Edit your todo list
          -h            : Display help