General computing platform written in Janet with love.

~pepe/manisha git

Schema and its validation for Good Place

~pepe/hemple git

jhydro flavored RPC

~pepe/marble git

Utility functionality for the Good Place

~pepe/trevor git

Sockets handler for the Chidi

~pepe/bonzer git

Ergonomic hexa decoding

~pepe/bearimy git

Date time calculations and transformation for Janet

~pepe/kamilahneleanor git

JudgeGen cases for Kamilah and Eleanor cooperation

~pepe/good-place git

Root of the Good Place project

~pepe/kamilah git

Pure Janet store

~pepe/michael git

Janet creator

~pepe/eleanor git

Data manager

~pepe/chidi git

Your soulmate

~pepe/tahani git

Store stuff

~pepe/mansion git

Places to store

~pepe/shawn git

Control the flow

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