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Kalina is an RSS reader written in Haskell. It was inspired by Newsboat. It currently supports the most basic things: fetching RSS feeds, browsing news items and opening them in a browser.


Clone the repo, git clone https://git.sr.ht/~ph14nix/kalina. Then build it using one of the following options.

  1. Using Stack (static linking): you can install it with stack install and run with kalina.

  2. Through Archlinux package (dynamic linking, builds fast): run makepkg -si.


Kalina reads its configuration from ~/.config/kalina and keeps it cache in ~/.cache/kalina. You put your RSS/Atom feed URLs in ~/.config/kalina/urls. Below is an example of urls file syntax.

# This is a comment

# Simplest setup is to just put your URLs here one per line like so. Each URL
# will be its own menu item that you can browse.

# You can optionally assign attributes to feeds to change how the feed is
# displayed. Attributes are placed one per line in an indented block following
# the URL. Syntax is YAML-like "key: value".
  title: "Kakoune Commits"
  # "Title" is the only attribute supported now. It overrides the displayed
  # feed title.

# Composite feeds work like directories that group multiple feed URLs. The
# indented block that follows must contain both attributes of the composite
# feed and its subfeeds. You can put the title of composite feed on the same
# line after the colon.
composite: "Memes & Youtube"
    # Subfeeds are allowed to have their own attributes, with one more
    # indentation level.
    title: "Reddit memes"