AKAI DPS-12/16 backup disk audio stripper

d5aec9f bug fix: use .zip in link name for Windows

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d5aec9f bug fix: use .zip in link name for Windows

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#DeepStripper for Akai DPS12/16 devices - the rework

  • Author: Phil Ashby
  • Date: October 2009-
  • Updated: August 2022


Binaries are available on Sourcehut pages.


The Tcl/Tk scripted version of DeepStripper has been updated several times to include new features^, but the much more popular 'v42' Windows program hasn't, because it was written in C++ by the long since departed Dror Kessler using a Microsoft specific toolchain (VC++/MFC) and is closed source, thus it cannot be re-built nor changed.

I have thus re-worked the Tcl/Tk version into a modern GTK-3.x application written in C that should easily compile for Mac/Win32/Linux on various architectures (maybe even portable devices). This produces a standalone program that is easily installed / removed.

^ multi-project backup support, writing WAV files instead of raw audio


Primarily developed on Linux, this code also compiles to a Win32 binary using the mingw32 cross-compiler. The source archive currently contains all the GTK runtime libraries required to run on Win32 platforms, these were obtained via the official MSYS2 process here: https://www.gtk.org/docs/installations/windows/ (version 3.22.1) where one can download the source code (as required in GPL).

Current Makefile targets will create a source archive, a binary ZIP archive for Win32, and .deb packages for Debian/Ubuntu or other linux distributions.


The following are required to build this project:

  • build-essential
  • libgtk-3-dev

For i386 cross-builds on an amd64 system:

  • (enable multi-arch) dpkg --add-architecture i386; apt-get update
  • gcc-multilib-i686-linux-gnu
  • libgtk-3-dev:i386

#In Memorium

Programs such as this become possible when there are wise enthusiasts willing to help others and create a community. A leading light of the DPS user community passed away after a short but severe tussle with cancer on 17th August 2022: Evan Kendon, we will remember you.

Phil (18/08/22).