A console text editor for the masses.

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  • Ruby 2.3+
  • curses gem

Diakonos is built to run on Linux, but may run under other flavours of UNIX. It works reasonably well under iTerm on OSX. It may or may not work on Windows.

Under Debian and Ubuntu derivatives, you'll need the following dependencies:

sudo apt-get install libncurses5-dev ruby-dev ruby-curses


gem install diakonos


If you use RVM1, gem install diakonos will only install with the current Ruby version and gemset. Diakonos may no longer be in the PATH after switching Ruby versions or gemsets.

To make Diakonos available when it isn't installed in the current gemset, first install it into an RVM Ruby version of your choice (and gemset, if you wish). Then add a script like this in a directory in your PATH (such as ~/bin/diakonos):


source "$HOME/.rvm/scripts/rvm"
rvm use 3.0.0@your-gemset

and make the script executable:

chmod +x ~/bin/diakonos


The latest development code can be obtained from sourcehut:

git clone https://git.sr.ht/~pistos/diakonos


gem uninstall diakonos


Run with any of these:

diakonos [filename...]
diakonos -s <session-name>
diakonos -m <regexp>

or, for other options and arguments,

diakonos --help

For help using Diakonos, simply press F1 or Shift-F1 from within the editor to use the interactive help system.

To dig deeper into Diakonos' rich feature set, see https://github.com/Pistos/diakonos/wiki/Beyond-the-Basics .

Send comments, feedback and tech support requests to the ##pistos channel on the Libera IRC network.

Reproducible issues may be reported at https://todo.sr.ht/~pistos/diakonos or https://github.com/Pistos/diakonos/issues .