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#Project Tricarbon

Project Tricarbon is two things: first, a protocol for compiler components to speak, and second, a set of components which speak the protocol. The current focus is a zig compiler.

#The name

Project Tricarbon refers to Cimple Compiler Components, or C3. In some places, it is referred to as Cyclopropatriene, a hypothetical tri-carbon element, but that is not an easy name to remember.

Relatedly, components which speak the tricarbon protocol are called "tricarbonites."


The protocol is currently a draft, and has been shared in specific venues only to receive feedback; all rights are currently reserved, as I have not yet evaluated documentation licenses. If I linked you the copy, please talk to me before sharing it further - I probably won't care, but I'd rather wait until I've done more testing of the ideas in code before publishing.

All tricarbonites I write are licensed under the beerware license.

#What's here now

Zyg, a simpler Zig compiler. The architecture has been designed and mostly tested, so most of the work on implementation can now proceed.

#Language of implementation

Currently, all of Project Tricarbon is implemented in C99. However, the goal of this project is to create a useful protocol any language can speak. Any other language can be used so long as it speaks the Tricarbon protocol.