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Zany80 is an IDE to make working with various pieces of hardware easier, tightly integrating various emulators with debuggers and an intelligent code editor. It also provides tools to ease developments of various types of software (port monitors, sprite editors, etc).

LIMN1k support has been removed. 0.3 will replace it with LIMN2k support.

There was once a webapp, compiled to emscripten. I am unwilling to deal with the maintainance burden of supporting webapp bullshit, so unless someone else does it, it will not happen.

Licensing note: some utility files have been borrowed from various open-source projects. Their code is organized by source in lib/, and all have been included in accordance with their respective licenses. A single LICENSE file should be available in each folder (if it's missing, please file a ticket).

#Why use XML as a data format?

Honestly, XML was chosen mostly because I hadn't had any experience with it when I made the decision. At this point, I don't really care enough to change it. Patches are welcome, so long as performance is within the same order of magnitude and the new format (and its implementation) are simpler than the current one (not that that's hard). Also, it must be in C99, with no dependency on C++ (or any other language, for that matter).