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2 days ago

~forcefieldsovereign via plunder-devel

2 days ago

Plunder is a new programming model where programs run forever.

Hardware restarts are invisible to the software, as is moving a running program from one physical machine to another.

Because of this, programs don't need to save their state into an external database, they can simply keep everything "in memory", and that state will be synchronized to disk transparently.

This is a prototype implementation of Plunder.

  • See docs/ for information about the individual technologies: Rex, Sire, PLAN, Cogs, etc.

  • To run the sire tests, run sh/sire-load-all.

  • To run the Haskell tests, run stack test.

  • To run the fulltag demo, see the instructions in sh/full-tag-site-demo.

  • To build the plunder executable via nix, run nix build .#plunder (flakes-compatible nix required). Targets for rex and plock are also available.

    • This requires building 1 or more GHCs, which can be rather intensive. There is also risk that, once built, the GHCs may be nix-GC-ed, thus requiring rebuilds. For this reason, we expose a build target for haskell.nix build environment. This can be combined with nix profiles to ensure persistence: nix build .#hnix-roots --profile ./hnix-roots