Fork of noosfero running live at cirandas.net

#6 Atualização do servidor e migração para Alpine Linux

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#3 SSL/Certificado seguro

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#Noosfero - a web-based social platform



The following documentation is available:

File                     Purpose
-----------------------  --------------------------------------------------------
INSTALL.md               install instructions
INSTALL.awstats.md       install instructions - access statistics service
INSTALL.chat.md          install instructions - chat service
INSTALL.email.md         install instructions - email service
INSTALL.multitenancy.md  install instructions - multiple sites
INSTALL.varnish.md       install instructions - varnish HTTP caching (recommended)
HACKING.md               development instruction
RELEASING.md             instructions for doing releases
doc/noosfero/*           user documentation (available through the app itself)

Authorship and copyright information is available in the files listed below.

File                  Purpose
--------------------  -----------------------------------------
AUTHORS.md            list of authors (updated at each release)
COPYRIGHT             Copyright statement for the project
COPYING               Full text of the project license