Learn German Genders, Like a true boss!

Perma Alesheikh via derdiedas-announce

a month ago

Perma Alesheikh via derdiedas-announce

a month ago

#DerDieDas (DDD)

Ok, it is like this: I tried find a good app or resource to help me learn the genders and articles in German language.

I found many Apps that are boring as shit (some with the same name as DerDieDas) and some that are made for people that obviously can memorize these stuff much faster than me.

So I made this little thing.



I set up my window manager (sway) to open up the terminal like this:

exec foot fish -C 'ddd ask nouns'

So every single time that I open a new terminal window (which is A LOOOOT), I will be prompted with something like this:

  ? ___ Gehaltsscheck

And i have to fill it like this:

  ? ___ Gehaltsscheck
  > der Gehaltsscheck
  • If you answer it correctly, a confidence point is added to the word, the attempts are stored in data folder by default. The next word with the lowest confidence is going to be asked next time (of the group, until you reach a threshold, if you have not disabled it).

  • If you make a mistake in the article part, a point is going to get decreased. This word would almost certainly be asked the next time you open the terminal window again.

  • If you make a spelling mistake in the word itself, it is going to give me an error. with out costing any point, you have to write it completely.


There is an optional configuration file at ~/.config/ddd/config.json:

  "data_path": "/home/sarah/.local/share/ddd/",
  "group": {
    "enable": true,
    "threshold": 100 // At most 255

The above values (except the /home/sarah part) are the default values.

#Import nouns

In the data directory of this repo under data/, I have made an example file for importable data. Use those words, or make your own.

Then just use this little command:

ddd import nouns [address of the file]

I suggest that for now, you should not import more than 100 words. This is because you go through each word once, until the confidence level of every word is elevated. You want each exercise to be repeated fairly regularly.


I will provide installation instruction as soon as I am a little bit more confident in the app. Until then you can clone this repo, and a simple:

cargo install --path .

should do the trick.


Learning genders of german language is the objective here. The excercises themselves should not be any more complex then they are now. There can be improvements on the backend.

I also want to make an interactive homepage for my wife's browser. But I have not decided to put it under the same app or not. But if I put it under the same app, I will put it behind an optional feature flag.


Contributions are welcome. But please consider the scope of the project before spending any considerable amount of time. You are welcome to discuss them in the issue tracker and mailing list.

Open issues and feature requests here: tickets

You can send patches, and discussions here: ~prma/derdiedas-devel@lists.sr.ht

You can follow announcements here: announcement mailing list


It works fine.

But lacks some essential features.

Consider it alpha stage.