Configuration files for Emacs and some other programs. Running on Arch Linux. Managed with GNU Stow.


Colourful light and dark themes for GNU Emacs


Simple notes for Emacs with a strict file name scheme


Elegant, highly accessible themes for GNU Emacs, conforming with the highest standard for colour contrast between background and foreground values (WCAG AAA).


Like the default GNU Emacs theme but more consistent


7a0c837 prot-emacs-theme: specify themes to load in theme-buffet

a day ago via dotfiles

95f8ab8 prot-emacs-theme: fix unbalanced parentheses

2 days ago via dotfiles

e3ca00c prot-emacs-theme: add new module; pull in relevant packages; add theme-buffet package

2 days ago via dotfiles

2af428e Acknowledge Ryan Kaskel for commit 7f6dfc0

2 days ago via ef-themes

a44b129 Update doc string of 'denote-org-dblock-insert-backlinks'

2 days ago via denote

9c24528 Define revert-buffer-function for denote-sort-dired

2 days ago via denote

d495433 Expand support for 'denote' faces

2 days ago via ef-themes

642cc5f Add explicit support for 'denote' package

2 days ago via modus-themes

f1a942f Add NOTE and TODO about possible future sort algorithms in denote-sort.el

3 days ago via denote

6d59a16 Clarify that 'denote-dired-rename-marked-files-with-keywords' can remove keywords

4 days ago via denote

8ae30d4 Add faces for the files shown in various rename prompts

5 days ago via denote

c686a9e Make title prompt accept empty string; renaming now ignores/removes title if empty

5 days ago via denote

1f3d3b0 Remove reference to obsolete denote-dired-rename-marked-files

5 days ago via denote

e6a4bac Reinstate macro in denote-sort.el

5 days ago via denote

529de46 Make denote-backlinks Org dynamic block accept sorting; all blocks do it now

6 days ago via denote
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