UNIX inspired tools to manage the music collection

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Slix is a UNIX-inspired toolbox to manage a music collection.

Each tool aims to do one thing and do it well. The tools are a way to manage the music collection on an sqlite database. Most interactions with them are in tab-separated values (TSV) that represent a song per line.


The project is just starting so the descriptions are brief as most things will most likely change a lot.


See the slixtags repository.


slixadd can be used to add music to the database. It reads each stdin line as an insertion, with the fields separated by tabs.

$ printf "TOOL\tLateralus\tSchism\n" \
    | slixadd album_artist album title


slixmigrate is used to create the Slix database. If the database exists, it updates it to the most recent version.

$ slixmigrate


slixdump dumps the whole database to STDOUT in the same format slixadd accepts.

This means the following should yield 2 equal files:

$ slixdump | tee dump1.slx | slixadd | slixdump > dump2.slx
$ diff dump1.slx dump2.slx


meson build
ninja -C build