Automated Digital Twin Generator for Gazebo.

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Generate files in Simulation Description Format based on the data from OpenStreetMap.

This project is published under MIT License. Send patches to:

git config format.subjectPrefix 'PATCH gen-sdf'
git config sendemail.to '~qeef/gen-sdf@lists.sr.ht'

#Scope of the project

The scope of this project is limited; it favors simplicity over accuracy. Roughly speaking, if the implementation of a desired feature leads to a dependency on packages that are not included in the standard library, the feature is out of scope.

However, this condition does not prevent you from contributing your ideas!

#Video recording

wf-recorder -f rec.mkv
ffmpeg -i rec.mkv -vf "transpose=1,crop=w=iw:h=ih/2-10:x=0:y=ih/2+10,drawtext=text=(c) OpenStreetMap contributors:box=1:boxborderw=4:boxcolor=black@0.5:fontcolor=white:fontsize=24:x=w-text_w:y=h-text_h" out.mkv

Take a screenshot at 20th second:

ffmpeg -ss 20 -i out.mkv -frames:v 1 -q:v 2 out.jpg
  1. https://github.com/osrf/gazebo_osm

    Open Street Maps plugin for Gazebo This folder contains files for building osm_plugin for gazebo simulator.

    • 10 years ago
  2. https://github.com/ilidar/gazebo_osm

    • fork of (1)
    • 9 year ago
  3. https://github.com/ekumenlabs/terminus

    Terminus is a library that can build cities from different sources (e.g. by procedurally generating them or by using OpenStreetMaps data) and later output them to different file formats (RNDF, monolane, SDF, etc).

    • 7 years ago
  4. https://github.com/beneschwab/awesome-openx

    A curated list of awesome applications, libraries and datasets concerning the development and testing of automated driving functions with a focus on ASAM OpenX Standards (e.g. OpenDRIVE, OpenSCENARIO, OpenLABEL, ...).

  5. https://github.com/Ly0n/awesome-robotic-tooling?tab=readme-ov-file

    A curated list of tooling for professional robotic development in C++ and Python with a touch of ROS, autonomous driving and aerospace

  6. https://github.com/gboeing/osmnx

    OSMnx is a Python package to easily download, model, analyze, and visualize street networks and other geospatial features from OpenStreetMap.

    • Could be possibly used when more precise road network is necessary.