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#The Famicom Cookbook

This is a collection of tools and example files to make Famicom games in 6502 Assembly.

We had a hard time finding examples for the asm6 assembler, most examples out there we could find made use of compilers and toolchains which were exclusively available on Windows, so we've put this together from bits and pieces of example projects we migrated from either nesasm3 or cc65, to the simpler asm6 compiler. We use the Nasu Editor to create spritesheets and nametables.

If you have never used assembly before, we recommend that you first begin with Easy6502.

#Fceux Emulator

These project files will be using the Fceux emulator, to install:

sudo apt-get update -y
sudo apt-get install -y fceux

To inspect the zeropage values, we've created tools/debug-zeropage.lua.

#NES C Tutorials

#ASM Tutorial