A CLI Factorio mod manager.

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A CLI mod manager for Factorio. Easily enable, disable, download, remove, update, upload, or sync mods with a save file. Dependencies will be automatically downloaded and enabled.


This project is currently being rewritten from the ground up in Go. Most features are missing, and it has bugs!


fmm enable space-exploration
fmm download Krastorio2@1.2.0
fmm sync-file ~/downloads/cool-save-file.zip

Read the man pages to learn more.


Distribution packages will be available once the project is usable.



sudo make install

#Windows and macOS

fmm only officially supports Linux. However, if you clone the repository and build with go build, it should work on other platforms as well. There is no Linux-specific code in the codebase.

Configuration file locations:

Platform Path
macOS /Users/Rai/Library/Application Support/fmm/fmm.toml
Windows C:\Users\Rai\AppData\Roaming\fmm\fmm.toml


Please send bug reports, questions, or patches to the mailing list.