A TUI front-end for the Debug Adapter Protocol.
22 days ago

Clemens Walter via public-inbox

22 days ago


A terminal front-end for the Debug Adapter Protocol.


The project is progressing alarmingly quickly. Go is agreeing with me much more than Rust ever did, and the project is coming together at a frightening pace.



sudo make install


Place a .pesticide file in your project directory and specify your adapter configurations:

adapter fmtk {
	cmd "fmtk debug $FACTORIO"
	args '{"modsPath": "/home/rai/dev/factorio/1.1/mods", "hookControl": ["UltimateResearchQueue"]}'

adapter mock {
	cmd mockserver
	addr :54321

Configuration follows the scfg file format.

Launch the pest executable, and it will read the configuration file. Use break filename line to set a breakpoint, and launch <adapter name> to launch the debug adapter. Use control+c to pause execution, continue to resume execution, and quit to quit the active adapter or the program.

Currently, if the adapter fails to pause, then you cannot do anything. This will be resolved once the proper TUI is implemented.


Please send questions, patches, or bug reports to the mailing list.