Telegram bot that converts Google sheet to a form and collects responses to it

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#Telegram Forms Bot - tg_forms_bot

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  1. Prepare a Google sheet with questions
  2. Send it to the @tg_forms_bot and start collecting responses!
  3. ?????
  4. PROFIT!!!

#Getting Started

  1. Create a new Google spreadsheet with two sheets: config and result.
  2. Fill a config sheet with questions (here you can find all question types). Config sheet
  3. Prepare a result sheet for responses. Result sheet
  4. Share the spreadsheet with a user demo-bot-account@ozi-tg-cec.iam.gserviceaccount.com.
  5. Copy the address of your spreadsheet.
  6. Start a bot. Send it a command /newsheet address-of-spreadsheet and it will reply with a link.
  7. Now you can send this link to your audience and start collecting responses.

You can fill this form yourself and leave a feedback here: https://t.me/tg_forms_bot?start=TESTFORM


#It's free!

However, there are limitations. There are server payments, limits on Google API calls, programmer's man-hours of supporting and other sad things.

So your free form will be available for two weeks (this duration can be updated if demand in forms increases), and after that you will not be able to collect new responses. Old responses are, of course, kept in your Google sheet.


If you like this software and want to help me develop it, you can support me.

  • If you donate a regular donation, I will be able to devote more time to developing and supporting this project.
  • It is well known that mathematicians and programmers use coffee as a fuel ☺ and you can buy me a coffee to support my work.


The bot works on our servers. We do our best to make this process safe and smooth. But you can have higher requirements than we can provide.

If you want to collect responses on your server, you can self-host your own version of the bot. Please read the manual on building and deploying the bot.

Also I can consult you about self-hosting the bot, or you can hire me to deploy it to your server. Please contact me for details.

#Commercial license

This software is licensed under Affero GPL v3 or any later version. This means that if you use the unmodified bot on your server or if you modify the bot you have to provide the source of the bot (or its modified version).

If use of the software under this license does not satify your organization's legal department, we can discuss commercial licensing. Please contact me.


If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact me directly: @gltronred or gltronred@pm.me.

You can also:

You can support my work on liberapay (regular donations) or buymeacoffee (one-time donation).

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