Unofficial FFXIV launcher

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Linux FFXIV launcher that supports profiles, multiple accounts and Dalamud plugins!

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  • Wine Support - Handles launching Wine for you.
  • Dalamud Support - You can use Dalamud plugins out of the box.
  • Multiple Profiles - Almost all of the settings can be set per-profile.
  • Encrypted Arguments - Game arguments are encrypted out of the box, so it's just as secure as other launchers.
  • Secure Password Storage - Login information is encrypted using your system keychain and is never stored plain-text.
  • Game Patching Support - Can patch the game without the need to boot into the official launcher.
  • Sapphire Login - Can login to 3rd party Sapphire servers.

#Get It

Details on where to find stable releases of Astra can be found on its homepage.

Distribution packaging is encouraged, so please send an email through the mailing list for any concerns.


If you have an issue with Astra, please email the mailing list.


Please refer to the building document for instructions on how to build Astra.


Please refer to the contributing document for everything you need to know to get started contributing to Novus.



This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License 3. Some code or assets may be licensed differently, please refer to the REUSE metadata.