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A custom FFXIV launcher that supports multiple accounts, Dalamud plugins and runs natively on Windows, macOS and Linux!


Astra is beta software. Despite this, the launcher is feature complete, but you may find it lacking for the use-cases below:

Main Screenshot

If you still have questions, please read the FAQ first.


  • Traditional desktop interface which looks native to your system, utilizing Qt - a proven application framework.
    • Supports single-window scenarios such as the Steam Deck seamlessly.
  • Native support for Windows, macOS and Linux!
  • Handles running Wine for macOS and Linux users - creating a seamless and native-feeling launcher experience, compared to running other FFXIV launchers in Wine.
    • Can also easily enable several Linux-specific enhancements such as Fsync or configuring Gamescope.
  • Multiple account support!
    • Most settings can be set per-profile.
  • Easily install and use Dalamud plugins, just like XIVQuickLauncher.
  • Patches the game, just like the official launcher!
  • Securely login to the official Square Enix lobbies, as well as Sapphire servers.
    • Game arguments are encrypted by default, providing the same level of security as other launchers.
    • Saving account usernames and passwords are also supported, and is never stored plaintext.
  • Can easily install FFXIV on new systems right from the launcher, bypassing the normal InstallShield installer.


Precompiled binaries are available for Windows and macOS users, which you can download from the website.

For Linux users, there is numerous options available to you:

Distribution packaging is encouraged, so please send an email through the mailing list for any concerns.


Note: Some dependencies will automatically be downloaded from the Internet if not found on your system. This functionality will change in the future to ease distribution packaging. You can control this functionality using the USE_OWN_LIBRARIES CMake option.

The wiki has dedicated platform-specific pages for build instructions as well as important information:

#Contributing and Support

The best way you can help Astra is by monetarily supporting me or by submitting patches to fix bugs or add functionality. I work on Astra and my other FFXIV projects in my free time, so any support helps to let me continue what I do!

If you have changes you wish to submit, you can use git send-email or the sourcehut web contributor interface!

If you wish to file a bug report, or feature request please see the bug tracker.

For general discussion about the launcher, potential features and so on, send an email through the mailing list. I discourage contacting me privately unless necessary, so that everyone can benefit from the discussion.