Unofficial FFXIV SDK

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A suite of FFXIV modding tools for Linux.

Screenshot of some of the applications


This repository contains many parts of Novus, such as:

  • Argcracker, a program that can help decrypt game arguments.
  • Gear Editor, a graphical gear and character viewer. It also supports GLTF import & export.
  • Map Editor, a graphical map viewer.
  • Excel Editor, a graphical program to view Excel data sheets.
  • Model Viewer, a graphical model viewer for MDL files.
  • Data Explorer, a graphical interface to explore FFXIV data archive files.


Please refer to the building document for instructions on how to build Novus.


Please refer to the contributing document for everything you need to know to get started contributing to Novus.



This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License 3. Some code or assets may be licensed differently, please refer to the REUSE metadata.