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This is the source code of my personal website hosted at redstrate.com.


You need Hugo (extended edition) to build the site, and optionally Python to run miscellaneous scripts.

To build the site, just run hugo and the built site will appear in public.

$ cd redstrate.com
$ hugo

For quick development, Hugo has a built-in HTTP server that auto-reloads on changes:

$ cd redstrate.com
$ hugo server


The art gallery is defined via JSON (in art, and other directories in site root) and uses Python to generate the front-matter Markdown files that Hugo consumes. To refresh the gallery, re-run scripts/gen_art.py.


The content of this website is licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0. There may be other copyrighted works showcased on this website that are licensed differently.

The Hugo themes of this website is licensed under the MIT license.