A Mattermost backend to Weechat

#21 regression on new channels creation

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#22 Handle /reply with a multiline message

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Wee-Matter is a Mattermost backend to Weechat.


$ make install # WEECHAT_HOME=$HOME/.another-weechat



/script load wee_matter.py
/matter server add a_banal_server a.banal.server

You should then edit other related configs as autoconnect servers, procotol (http/https), username, password.

/set plugins.var.python.wee-matter.* 

Then you can connect/disconnect to servers

/matter connect a_banal_server
/matter disconnect a_banal_server

#Reply, React, Remove

Mouse click or select a line print the short post id in the input field.

Some command uses this id to interact with posts.

/reply abc Yeah you right !
/react abc rofl
/react abc 100
/delete abc

#Deal with files

Mouse click or select a file line download it and open it.