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#Helloo there! 👋 -- I'm Reese (reesericci)


A lienux+ certified hooman in the education system who creates apparently useful stuff on the interwebs.

I like penguins, dinosaurs, strongly typed coffee, cybernetically enhanced web apps, and ships! (if anyone can understand those references please email me at me@reeseric.ci)

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#What I've been up to (accurate as of 2/21/22)

I learned Svelte and it's amazing! It has so many features and just compiles down to what you actually use; it's super fast and yet so powerful. It also brings JS into your HTML and not the other way around which is so much more intuitive.

I just launched v3 for the shortie.sh frontend! It's written in Svelte using Sveltekit on Netlify as the hosting. Go check it out at well, shortie.sh. It's a dead-simple url shortener that's privacy-respecting.

I also created an email newsletter for my thoughts at news.reeseric.ci


(pronounced skill-zed)

  • Can make websites
    • TailwindCSS singlehandedly reinvigorated my passion for building websites
    • Svelte is the best framework hands down.
    • Typescript continues to save my (vegetarian) bacon
    • HTML
    • Vanilla JavaScript (or Mocha if you will)
    • Module Bundlers (Parcel, Webpack, Vite)
    • AlpineJS is great for simple projects
    • I used to use JQuery before I learned about Svelte and Alpine
  • Linux (and the fat penguin)
    • Linux+ Certified
    • Proxmox
    • Docker
    • a tiny bit of Kubernetes
    • Self-hosting
  • Home Assistant
  • self-proclaimed tech wizard


  • irdy.no
  • shortie.sh
  • (api.)purplegrey.today
  • ticalc.wiki
  • stoopid.xyz

go to my website reeseric.ci

keep on �