Gemini protocol directory and file finder.

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  • gemBuster is for the Gemini protocol what dirbuster is for the http protocol.

I been most of my time lately on gemini capsules and as any of you explorers and such I like to look around see what I find and decided to start migrating some of my GO tools from http to gemini.

  • Recomendation to create your own dictionary from what you know about the target.. if for example the capsule topic is chocolate or the author likes chocolate
cewl -m 4 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chocolate -d 0
cewl -m 4 https://relatedwords.org/api/related?term=chocolate -d 0 

if not you can use the one I provide that is a common one from DirBuster among others


./gemBuster -url gemini://hispagatos.org -extensions .gmi


  • [X] working POC
  • [ ] add more than one extension support
  • [ ] use channels and go rutines