a CLI tool to search and play music from the cloud like youtube

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I am trying to imitate the old MPS-youtube


this app uses the google youtube golang API

to use as is now you need:

pass insert golisten2music/youtubeapikey

After a gopass ls it will show as:

├── golisten2music/
│   └── youtubeapikey 
  • you need to have mpv installed and "know how to use it" since is al CLI and keybind based.

    • when watching a video press "q" to quick and get back to the video list on this program.
  • keybinds:

    • [tab] will switch between search box and results box
    • [ESC] will exit the program
  • config.ini configuration example:

maxresults = 11
video_program = mpv

youtube_api_key = `gopass show -o -f golisten2music/youtubeapikey`


  • [X] add TUI
  • [X] add search TUI
  • [X] fix selection
  • [X] add gopass/pass and config.ini configuration
  • [ ] Add coloring
  • [ ] Option to hide video and only listen to music/sound
  • [ ] Make readme with keybinds
  • [ ] Improve stability
  • [ ] Improve UI/Data

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Low-voolume mailing list for announcements related to the golisten2music project.