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New mailing list added

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Forge is a suite of artist tools for creating 2d/3d content. The tools are simple and really fast. They are developed with an emphasis on clarity and simplicity. Forge software is, and always will be, committed to being free.

Popular content creation applications are monolithic, they all tend to do a large number of things rather poorly.

Forge aims to provide individual, purpose-built tools that each solve a particular problem well. The magic here is in the flexible data model that allow multiple tools to read and write different attributes of the same data simultaneously. This enables artist teams to collaborate in real-time and creates the opportunity for seamless workflows between each stage of the content creation pipeline. No more saving of your work to some intercharge format (OBJ, Alembic, etc.) in order to transfer it between content creation packages.


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This repo is the foundation library for Forge tools.


  • Lightweight
  • GPU-accelerated
  • Extensibility via plug-ins
  • Combine procedural and interactive (immediate) workflows
  • Support for industry-standard interchange/file formats
  • ISO C11
  • POSIX compliance


Forge projects build using Meson.

#Mailing list

Subscribe to release and security announcements at forge-announce.


#Submitting changes

Patches should be submitted to forge-devel.

#Formatting your commits

Work as you like locally, then use git rebase (man) to tidy-up your changes before submitting patches.

Each commit should represent an atomic unit of work and leave the repo in a working state. Commit messages should have sufficient detail to double as details release notes (see PostgreSQL).


This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0 only (more info), unless otherwise specified.

#Third-party licenses


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