A collection of XMPP related libraries and tools for Go.

~samwhited/checkmd git

A tool for linting Markdown files.

~samwhited/httprouter git

A deprecated and unmaintained fork of github.com/julienschmidt/httprouter that uses context

~samwhited/applogger git

A deprecated and unmaintained, experimental logging library that should not be used in production.

~samwhited/communique-gtk git

UI designs and experiments for an instant messaging client

~samwhited/xmpp-addr git

An implementation of RFC 7622, the XMPP Address Format, more commonly known as "Jabber IDs" or "JIDs" in Rust.

~samwhited/mellium.im git

The Mellium website, https://mellium.im

~samwhited/issues git

An UNMAINTAINED tool for extracting a Bitbucket issue export and importing it into GitHub

~samwhited/communique-tui git

A version of the Communiqué instant messaging client with a terminal-based user interface.

~samwhited/verbmux git

A Go HTTP multiplexer that can route HTTP requests based on their method

~samwhited/sysexit git

Exit codes from sysexits(3).

~samwhited/reader git

A library containing common operations performed with Go's io.Reader interface.

~samwhited/sasl git

An implementation of the Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL) in Go.

~samwhited/xmpp-intro-slides git

Slides giving a quick introduction to XMPP.

~samwhited/blogsync git

Mange a write.as blog using markdown files

~samwhited/xmlstream git

A Go library for manipulating XML token streams.

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