Use Openverse to pick reaction images based on a short query.

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#Openverse Slack Reaction Bot

🛗: Like Giphy but for openly licensed images indexed in the Openverse (with attributions).


Visit https://openverse-slack.sarayourfriend.pictures/slack/install and click the "Add to Slack" button.


To set up local environment install pdm and run:

pdm install

Then, copy the .env.template file to .env and fill in variables. Run the app using:


By default the bot will be accessible on port 54823. You may pass a different port to run_dev.sh as a CLI argument:

./bin/run_dev.sh 8080


You can deploy this using the docker image hosted on GitHub container registry:

docker run --env-file=.env -p 54823:54823 --mount 'type=volume,source=openverseslack,dst=/home/appuser/app/data' ghcr.io/sarayourfriend/openverse-slack-reaction:latest


#v0.0.1 (MVP)

  • /openverse <query> Picks a random image from the top 10 results for the query.


  • /openverse <query> \<caption\> Picks a random image from the top 10 images that allow derivitives and overlays caption similar to meme text