Data environment to aid in the creation and distribution of financial reports

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Data environment to aid in the creation and distribution of financial reports.

Working with SQL data has usally be done through Excel directly with either "staging tables" (direct connections to SQL) or through the provided pivot tables. The issue with the former is that even if updated to use the newer database, you're relying on Excel to hold potentially hundreds of thousands of lines of data which will easily crash the software. On top of that, any changes to what data is being pulled will have to be done through SQL queries directly with the potential for needing to create VBA macros to assist.

The latter fixes the issue of the user requiring SQL knowledge in order to change the data queries and doesn't pull in raw data lines, but imposes a huge increase in the amount of time needed to load any data. Larger and more detailed pivot tables also fall under the same problem of crashing Excel up to a point.

ade is meant to be a middle ground where direct coding interaction and the pitfalls of manipulating very large datasets in Excel are eliminated, while still being flexible enough for varied report creation and data aggregation. The most involved a user will get is crafting the reports.yaml configuration file which keeps the structure of every report you can create, and getting to know the schema of the ade database used by the program.



Clone this repository or download the latest tarball and extract. This repo uses poetry to make management easy (although a requirements.txt is also included).

cd ade-<version>/
poetry install

#PyInstaller executable

ade can be distributed as a PyInstaller executable. With the included "makefile" make.py, ade will be compiled into an executable for the build platform. This can be a convenient way to distribute the software without having every user build from source.

With the executable, it'll either be distributed as a tarball (.tar.xz) or a 7-zip archive (.7z).


The archive can be found on the release page for the newest version, the file named ade-<version>.7z with the <version> substituted with the version number of the software (e.g. ade- Right click the file and navigate to the 7-Zip option in the context menu, followed by Extract to "ade-<version>\". This will extract for you the software directory in your current folder. Enter into the newly-extracted ade-<version> folder and double-click on install.bat: this script will install ade onto your computer. From there you should be able to go into your Start Menu and see ade as a program to run.


Please view the wiki for detailed usage instructions.

Code documentation is available here.


To-be-included features can be seen through the current open issues.


Refer to the announcement mailing list for project updates and the devel mailing list for contributions and collaboration.

Issues should be directed to the project issue tracker.


This project is licensed under the GPLv3.