California, US


My handle is “Seirdy” on most of the platforms I use.

Website, contact: https://seirdy.one

Gemini: gemini://seirdy.one

My preferred forge for personal projects is Sourcehut, but my repositories have remotes for GitHub, Codeberg, and GitLab too.


Seirdy's personal website and gemini capsule


Seirdy's dotfiles


Replace dmenu with a floating terminal and FZF! Comes with helper scripts for program/app launching, window switching, etc.


Various scripts for mpd


Collection of bubblewrap scripts


5af249e Update info on CN search engines

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06dbd52 Generate focus-first sites properly

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be6a9b7 Clarification about Kagi

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7abbbba Add greppr search engine

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6a93bfa Update entry for Kagi in light of brave partnership

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fca692c Fix output formats

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9f90f35 Add receipts for nightshift.social and poast

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38b14a4 clarification

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9e36d5c Add kukei.eu to search engine directory

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cf17e0c generalize vnu filter for xhtml to all xhtml files

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04d6aac update v.nu filter

a month ago via seirdy.one

b1c5584 Fingerprint webmanifest with FNV32a instead of md5

a month ago via seirdy.one

4c1ca8f Update TLS compatibility with SerenityOS LibTLS

a month ago via seirdy.one

0516b4c Add Cash App and rel-payment to support page

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43d8862 approved in the responsive web ring

2 months ago via seirdy.one
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