Seirdy's personal website and gemini capsule

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Code for my personal website, seirdy.one. Built with Hugo.


To build:

  • Hugo 0.75 or later
  • Make
  • Git (Hugo uses Git info for features like date last updated)
  • Efficient Compression Tool with patches from MegaByte (optional; set NO_STATIC=1 to disable). It's like zopfli but more efficient and faster.
  • Brotli (optional; set NO_STATIC=1 to disable)
  • POSIX utils: grep, find, etc.

To deploy:

  • ssh
  • rsync
  • zstd

To lint:

To test in CI, after deploying to the staging environment:

CI also runs static-webmention to gather a list of WebMentions for me to send and review manually.

See the Makefile for details.