Seirdy's personal website and gemini capsule

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Code for my personal website, seirdy.one. Built with Hugo.

Also builds my Gemini capsule: gemini://seirdy.one/.


To build:

  • Hugo 0.93 or later
  • Make
  • Git (Hugo uses Git info for features like date last updated)
  • Efficient Compression Tool It's like zopfli but more efficient and faster.
  • Brotli (optional; set NO_STATIC=1 to disable)
  • POSIX utils: grep, find, etc.

To deploy:

  • ssh
  • rsync
  • libzstd

To lint:

  • stylelint
  • csslint
  • pnpm
  • lychee

See the Makefile for details.


I made the site as inclusive as possible. Tested using multiple screen readers (Orca, TalkBack, Apple VoiceOver, Windows Narrator, NVDA), and I regularly test with the following browsers/engines. Testing in a browser does not imply any sort of endorsement; I just want to meet people where they're at.


  • Gecko: Nightly, Stable, ESR, and sometimes Pale Moon
  • the Tor Browser
  • Blink: latest Chromium snapshot, stable, and QtWebEngine
  • WebKit: Webkit2GTK3
  • NetSurf
  • SerenityOS Browser
  • Very old WebKit via rekonq (Qt4 QtWebKit)
  • Servo
  • Trident, if I have access to a Windows machine that has Edge with "IE Mode".

For all the above options, I test "reading mode" whenever it's available.


  • Android: Blink, Gecko, Tor Browser
  • iOS WebKit: latest stable version, iOS 12, iOS 10 on an iPhone 5. Also test Reader Mode.
  • TODO: try a KaiOS device.

Smart watches:

  • Borrowed an Apple Watch to try the embedded browser.
  • TODO: test on a Tizen or Wear OS device's browser.

Everything works well in all the above browsers.