Pre-incorporation notes, docs, code, schemas, etc.

#10 Seed Library and Temporal Database

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So you're gonna start a corporation?

What's it going to be?

Wealth generation vehicle.

Unit of interaction with "the System".


# Main Themes

- Ecological Harmony
  - Spiritual
  - Scientific
  - Economic ("Ecology + Psychology = Economics")
- Techno-Conservative
  - High-Tech
  - Deployed with wisdom
    - "Minimally"
    - Benefiting all and harming none

# Doing What, Exactly?

- Electronics and Computers
  - Sensors
  - Data collection and analysis
  - Automation
  - Quantified self / ecosystems / society
- Neurology
  - Interfacing with
  - Detecting and curing maladies
  - Meat-robot becomes self-aware being
- Ecology
  - Plants! Yay!
  - Soil!  Also very yay!
  - Critters!  (from microbes up)
  - Large-scale, fractal, highly non-linear dynamic systems
    - modeling
    - grokking
    - meddling (I mean /engineering/ ;P )

# Product Ideas

A vision of a technologically sophisticated yet almost-rustic robustly
healthy happy and fun society.

- Simple computer systems
  - Garden / Farm planning, monitoring, and automation
  - "Smart" home
  - HCI / BCI
  - homemade & ecological

- Financial Independence-as-a-Service ?
  - Turn-key eco-harmonious homestead neighborhoods
  - Buy-in to get equity, then a low monthly "rent"?

- Books ? I don't really want to sell information.  Just give it away, it
  costs effectively nothing to distribute bits.  If we can make a really
  quality tome of some sort, then yes, printing and charging for nice
  hardcopies is fine w/ me.  But I don't want to put artificial barriers
  in the way just to make a buck.
  - Maximize Internet and sharing of information.
  - videos, DBs, ML models, scientific knowledge, etc.

- Specialty foods (vertical integrated CSA farm)
- Nursery
  - trees
  - shrubs
  - etc.
- Seeds

- Schwag!  Remember to sell merch!

**** Yuki's Lament ****
- Clothes  (Most of these permie vids and homesteaders are wearing
  mass-produced clothing!  Me too!  :(  )
  - Ecologically made whole cycle
  - Fashionable
  - Durable (as contrasted w/ "fast fashion")

I almost forgot!

- Large flying structures.
  - etc.  Cf. "Magnus Motive"

Giga-tech (vs nano-) is mostly a stunt to impress and motivate humanity.
"Look folks, we can do big things, literally!"

My original impetus was to clean up the GPGP et. al., hey, free carbon in
mostly useful forms, eh?  And I guess that's still on the table.

The whole point of learning symbolic logic etc., was to be able to build
an oceanic drone swarm to go collect the trash w/o being turned into a
literal botnet by some adversary.

Security through "provably correct" systems is still on the table.

Something about "Canals on Mars, on Earth"...

Customer Communication (subsumes marketing and sales)

Own Dogfood OS and Joy UI

SEL4 + Joy (basically)

SEL4 already uses CMake for it's build system, so is /that/ verified too,

It's complexity turtles all the way down, goddamn it.