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Source code for my personal website. Built using hugo.


  • archetypes: files with standard frontmatter for each collection.
  • content: blog posts, about page, other collections.
  • layout
    • _default: templates that specify how content will be rendered to static pages.
    • partials: small re-usable portions portions meant to reduce duplication across layouts.
    • shortcodes: similar to partials but meant for reuse within content.
  • static: static files—images, stylesheets, scripts, fonts etc
  • config.yml: configuration


#Running a server for development

hugo serve -p <port> --disableLiveReload --noHTTPCache --buildDrafts

I personally use hotel for managing development servers, so after

hotel add --name shreyasminocha 'hugo serve -p $PORT --disableLiveReload --noHTTPCache --buildDrafts'

...and some configuration, I can access my local dev server at shreyasminocha.localhost.

#Running linters

Install dev dependencies:

npm install

Run tests with:

npm test # Currently just runs `gulp`

Or more specifically, assuming you have gulp installed globally, run it with:



Deployments are made using Vercel.


Source code is licensed under the MIT license.

Website content (including blog posts) is licensed under Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International.