POSIX shared memory bindings for Common Lisp

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#POSIX shared memory for Common Lisp

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Common Lisp bindings and wrapper for the POSIX shared memory API.

The POSIX shared memory (or shm) API "allows processes to communicate information by sharing a region of memory." (shm_overview(7)). This library provides two strata to access the POSIX shm API:

  • The package posix-shm/ffi, a collection of slim bindings to the POSIX API. FFI Reference
  • The package posix-shm, a lispy wrapper around the FFI that integrates more closely to the features of Common Lisp, and provides a handful of utilities and macros. API Reference

Features include:

  • Open, close, create, resize, change ownership of, change permissions of, and memory map to shared memory objects.
  • open-shm appears more like open from the standard library.
  • open-shm*, for creating anonymous shm objects.
  • with-open-shm, with-mmap and similar with- macros for safely accessing resources with dynamic extent.

#Installation and Usage

Install posix-shm with Quicklisp:

* (ql:quickload :posix-shm)
* (use-package :posix-shm)

* (defparameter +shm-size+
    (* 10 (cffi:foreign-type-size :int)))

* (defvar *shm*)
* (setf *shm* (open-shm "/foobar-shm" :direction :io :if-does-not-exist :create
                        :permissions '(:user-read :user-write)))
#<SHM for "/foobar-shm" {10056A8F03}>
* (print (shm-fd *shm*))
4 ;; Runtime-dependent

* (truncate-shm *shm* +shm-size+)

* (defparameter *ptr1*
    (mmap-shm *shm* +shm-size+ :prot '(:write)))

* (defparameter *ptr2*
    (mmap-shm *shm* +shm-size+ :prot '(:read)))

* (dotimes (i 10)
    (setf (cffi:mem-aref *ptr1* :int i) (* i 10)))
* (dotimes (i 10)
    (print (cffi:mem-aref *ptr2* :int i)))

* (munmap *ptr1* +shm-size+)
* (munmap *ptr2* +shm-size+)
* (close-shm *shm*)
* (delete-shm "/foobar-shm")

Use with-open-shm and with-mmap to automatically close and munmap when the program leaves scope:

(with-open-shm (shm "/foobar-shm" :direction :io)
  (truncate-shm shm 100)
  (with-mmap (ptr shm 100)
    ;; do your thing...

with-open-shm-and-mmap opens a shm, truncates it, and then maps it to a pointer all in one:

(with-mmapped-shm (shm ptr ("/foobar-shm" :direction :io) (100))
  ;; do your thing...

Use open-shm* and with-open-shm* to create anonymous shm objects that are unlinked the moment they are created:

(defvar *anon-shm* (open-shm* :direction :io :permissions '(:user-all))
;; do your thing...
(close-shm *anon-shm*)

(with-open-shm* (anon-shm :direction :io :permissions '(:user-all))
  ;; do your thing...


Any comments, questions, issues, or patches are greatly appreciated! I do my main development on Sourcehut, with a mailing list and issue tracker.


Descriptions of types, classes, functions, and macros of the high-level API are in the API Reference.

Descriptions of the lower-level foreign types and bindings are in the FFI Reference.