A gemini server

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gmnisrv is a simple Gemini protocol server.



  • A C11 compiler and a POSIX-like system
  • OpenSSL
  • scdoc (optional)
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ ../configure --prefix=/usr
$ make
# make install


By default it reads from /etc/gmnisrv.ini, but this can be changed by passing the -C flag to the gmnisrv daemon. A sample config.ini is provided at /usr/share/gmnisrv/gmnisrv.ini:

# Space-separated list of hosts
listen= [::]:1965

# Path to store certificates on disk

# Optional details for new certificates
organization=gmnisrv user



For full details on gmnisrv configuration, consult the gmnisrv(5) manual page.


See gmnisrv(1).