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godocs.io is a maintained fork of the now-defunct godoc.org, and you can use it to browse documentation for Go packages.

#How to use

Visit godocs.io and type the import path for your package into the search box. To add a badge to your project like this:


Click on "tools" for package owners at the bottom of the page.


First install the dependencies:

  • Go 1.16 or above
  • PostgreSQL 13
  • Graphviz (required for import graphs)

Then compile and install:

$ make
# make install


Initialize the PostgreSQL database:

psql -f schema.sql

Then run:

gddo \
	--db "postgres://localhost" \
	--http ":8080" \
	--goproxy "https://proxy.golang.org"

See the documentation for more information.

#Questions? Patches?

Send them to the godocs.io list.