An experimental microkernel

rnxpyke via helios-devel

10 minutes ago

rnxpyke via helios-devel

11 minutes ago

#Helios microkernel

An experimental microkernel inspired by seL4. WIP

Picture of Helios booting on a ThinkPad

We meet in the #helios channel on irc.libera.chat.



  • A Hare toolchain
  • An x86_64 GNU binutils
  • syslinux
  • xorriso
  • For debugging: qemu

The first time building, run cp config.def.mk config.mk, then edit config.mk to suit your needs.

Run make to build boot.iso, which can be written to a USB stick and booted on hardware, or make run to boot it in qemu. make nographic will boot with only a serial console (useful for manual testing), and make check will run the automated tests.