A secret storage system

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Notice: neither this project nor the underlying cryptograhic implementation have been independently audited. This project is a work in progress.

Himitsu is a secret storage system for Unix systems. It is suitable for storing passwords, private keys, and so on.

We hang out in #himitsu on Libera Chat. Please send patches to the himitsu-devel mailing list using the following address: ~sircmpwn/himitsu-devel@lists.sr.ht.


$ make
# make install

You also need a prompter. Try one of these:


Begin by initializing a keystore:

$ himitsu-store -i

Then fire up the daemon:

$ himitsud
Please enter your passphrase to unlock the keystore: 

Then use hiq(1) to interact with it.

#Library usage

The himitsu package provides a "himitsu" Hare module which provides some support code for integrations such as new prompters and agents. Consult haredoc for usage details.