A software development platform for hackers

~sircmpwn/gql.sr.ht git

Shared GraphQL code for *.sr.ht

~sircmpwn/sourcehut-go git

Go library and command line tool for the Sourcehut API

~sircmpwn/hg.sr.ht hg

sourcehut's mercurial hosting service

~sircmpwn/git-send-email.io git

Website for introducing people to git send-email

~sircmpwn/sr.ht-pkgbuilds git

Arch packages for sr.ht software

~sircmpwn/man.sr.ht git

sr.ht wiki

~sircmpwn/paste.sr.ht git

Sourcehut paste hosting service

~sircmpwn/lists.sr.ht git

sr.ht mailing list service

~sircmpwn/git-rebase.io git

Website for teaching people how to use git rebase

~sircmpwn/metrics.sr.ht git

SourceHut monitoring tools

~sircmpwn/forgeperf git

Software Forge Performance Index

~sircmpwn/sourcehut.org git

sourcehut marketing website

~sircmpwn/todo.sr.ht git

sr.ht bug tracking service

~sircmpwn/core.sr.ht git

sr.ht shared code

~sircmpwn/builds.sr.ht git

sr.ht build service

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