A small and robust calendar & contacts server
12 days ago

10587f4 auth: add PAM support

12 days ago


Tokidoki is a (WIP) carddav and caldav server.


Tokidoki relies on go-webdav for the protocol implementation. It provides the storage backend and authentication, both of which are easily pluggable.

It currently provides:


  • IMAP (working)
  • PAM (working, enabled via the pam build tag)


  • Filesystem (working)
  • PostgreSQL (planned)


  • cd cmd/tokidoki && go build


Using the IMAP authentication backend and the filesystem storage backend (directory must exist), listening on port 8080 on all interfaces:

  • ./tokidoki -addr ":8080" -auth.url imaps://imap.example.com:993 -storage.url file:///path/to/storage -debug

Tokidoki does not support HTTPS at this time, use a reverse TLS proxy if needed.


Only a single address book and calendar per user are supported at the moment, this is currently a limitation in go-webdav.

Tokidoki supports calendar and address book auto-discovery via /.well-known/caldav and /.well-known/carddav respectively, as defined in RFC 6764, section 6. Hence, most clients should be able to discover resources by just pointing them at the server root.