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Otto Richter (Codeberg e.V.) via writefreesoftware.org

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#Write Free Software

writefreesoftware.org is a resource for introducing people to free software philosophy and helping them put it into practice.


Please contribute improvements via email to the mailing list using git send-email.

#Content guidelines

What kind of content is welcome on Write Free Software?

#Main content

The main content is narrowly focused on the following topics:

  • Introduction to free software philosophy
  • Informational resources on free software in practice, e.g. using licenses

The main content should not endorse any specific free software projects other than those relevant to the development of free software itself (e.g. free software licenses, software forges, etc), and should generally avoid using them as examples.


The blog is open to any contributors, and you are encouraged to write a post about free software for it :)

The scope of the blog is limited to matters related to free software philosophy and the implementation of free software, but the scope is not so strict as the main content. Details regarding specific projects and communities and their approach to implementing free software practices, community management, and so on, are welcome here.

#Style guidelines

  • Use "free software" rather than "open source" unless specifically referring to the open source movement


Want to translate writefreesoftware.org into your language? Add an entry to config.toml for your language, then you can translate content/whatever.md by writing up e.g. content/whatever.fr.md.

As new translations are large changes, please send them to the mailing list using git request-pull rather than sending individual patches.

#Code of conduct

Participants are expected to respect the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct. Conduct questions and problem reports should be directed to Drew DeVault.