The Web app to rule them all

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TL;DR : A web app to rule all the apps I've written

At a high level, cosmic is broken into two sections, a frontend, and a backend.


Arguably, the most important part of cosmic is its backend. A rest API built using spring, and axes for access control.

This API is ambitious, and its goal is to act as a central point for all of my many applications, so that they may interact with one another.

TODO: Add examples of my apps i want to have integrate with cosmic

The reason for this, is many of my applications / tools I write, live on thier own islands. Which is fine (and good, I like that). But I want to enable it such that you can interact with my tools via a web application as well (or allow other apps to talk to each other as well, through the well defined http protocol).

The idea behing the cosmic backend, is it should be completely rest driven. this allows any app, that has the correct auth tokens and roles, access to everything the API provides.


Techinically an extension upon cosmic backend, libCosmic is what java apps may use, to be 'embedded' in the backend web application.


The other half of this project, is so that I may brush up on my front end skills. Currently I have decided to used deno as my front end framework. This, however, is not set in stone. As I dont anticipate work starting on the front end until I have the backend rest API rock solid.


Everything in this repository is GPL3 licensed, except the logo, that is licensed under the creative commons, which can be found in assets/LICENSE