My forks of suckless software.

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My dwm fork from suckless dwm


#Build Dependencies

Without these dependences, you cannot build the project, and so these are "hard" dependences, they are,

  • X11 Header files
  • Make/GNU Make
  • C compiler

#Necessary Dependencies

These dependencies are needed during runtime, or else things will get wacky, The wacky scale goes from 0 (not wacky) to 10 (Giga wacky). |Dependency|Wacky Scale| |----------|-----------| |feh|10| |compton|10|

#Optional Dependencies

My dwm fork can be run without these dependences installed, and so these are "soft" dependencies, but if you install them, extra features become availiable.

Dependency Bar Feature
acpi Battery Information
nmcli Display WiFi Information
Herbe Displays a warning when your battery gets low


Simply type,

$ make

You will be prompted for sudo when it is needed


Once installed, when logging in, you will be able to select dwm from your login manager.



  • First block -> Current song.
  • Second block -> Next appointment in your calander (uses calcurse).
  • Third block -> Date.
  • Fourth block -> Wifi status.
  • Fifth block -> Battery status (++ means charging, -- means discharging).


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