Small error-printing library for C

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#err - Small error-printing library for C

err is a small error-printing library for C programs. It was initially written as part of navipage. For examples of its use, see that project.

I can tell you for a fact this library works with C99, and I think it works with C89 too.

These functions print exclusively to stderr.

Some functions in this library are named the same as functions provided by libbsd's err.h. This library does NOT implement those functions, and might behave completely differently.

#Using err

  • Copy and paste err.c and err.h into your project.
  • #include "err.h" in files where you want to use err functions.
  • Assign a value to argv0 before calling any err functions, or suffer the wrath of undefined behavior.
  • Call functions from err as you see fit!

#Functions provided by err

  • vwarn(char *, va_list) prints argv0, ": ", and a message formatted from the given format string and va_list.
    • warn(char *, ...) is a variadic wrapper for vwarn().
  • vewarn(char *, va_list) calls vwarn(), then prints ": " if the format string is neither NULL nor empty, then prints the value of strerror(errno) and a newline.
    • ewarn(char *, ...) is a variadic wrapper for vewarn().
  • verr(int, char *, va_list) calls vewarn() and exits the program with the provided code.
    • err(int, char *, ...) is a variadic wrapper for verr().

See the comments in err.c for much the same information.

Copyright (C) 2021 Sebastian LaVine mail@smlavine.com

err is published and made available under the terms of version 2.0 of the Mozilla Public License. A copy of the MPL-2.0 is distributed with err; alternatively you can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/.

This project is hosted at https://sr.ht/~smlavine/err.

To browse the source code repository, see https://git.sr.ht/~smlavine/err.

For development discussion and patches related to the project, see the mailing list at https://lists.sr.ht/~smlavine/err-devel. If you've used err in your own project, I'd love to hear about it!

For announcements related to the err project, see the mailing list at https://lists.sr.ht/~smlavine/err-announce.