Source Mage package management system

c4b7e00 libgpg: Fix LANGUAGE overriding LC_ALL

a month ago

4737c39 libtablet, libpreserve: add preservation functionality

a month ago

468486f Makefile: version bumping for devel

a month ago

10bb642 libdepengine: ignore pre_remove and post_remove failures for failure detection

2 months ago

b4bd850 resurrect: fix for symlink on /var/cache/sorcery

3 months ago

80d53a2 Revert "Implement logging by reusing file descriptors"

4 months ago

43e2cd7 sightsee: Use CODEX_ROOT

6 months ago

8d44d25 libgrimoire: Simplify setting size in mk_source_dir

7 months ago

9f94574 delve: Fix CHROOT_CMD issue in the last commit

7 months ago

36d0115 delve: Refactor staged install setup

7 months ago

d0e9a15 Add support for icecream

7 months ago

b1af102 libtrack: Fix castfs detection

7 months ago

de280f2 sightsee: Allow multiple matches per line

8 months ago

5631eec sightsee: Make file name matching case-insensitive

9 months ago

d6dfa42 sightsee: Add support for HTTP_DL_HANDLER and curl

11 months ago
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