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The GNU C Library (glibc)


The ABI Generic Analysis and Instrumentation Library


GNU Compiler Collection


LVM2 and device-mapper


gdb and binutils, a collection of binary tools and a debugger


9e4e896 Linux: add ST_NOSYMFOLLOW

an hour ago via glibc

4a3e99a suppression: Add "changed_enumerators_regexp" property

an hour ago via libabigail

bada3c2 Revert "ifcvt: replace C++ sort with vec::qsort [PR109154]"

an hour ago via gcc

08e9a60 mips: dl-machine-reject-phdr: Get rid of alloca.

2 hours ago via glibc

ffaff7a tests: better handling of system dir

2 hours ago via lvm2

6a6117a Use bfd_get_current_time in places where it is suitable

2 hours ago via binutils-gdb

f2b23a5 AArch64: Fix scalar xorsign lowering

4 hours ago via gcc

946fd5c Regenerate documentation after adding description of the implicit values test

4 hours ago via annobin

938f6ce Add documentation for the implicit-values test

4 hours ago via annobin

d304f4d libabigail-concepts.rst: Sort the properties of the directives

4 hours ago via libabigail

76547f4 testsuite, Darwin: Skip g++.dg/debug/dwarf2/pr85550.C

8 hours ago via gcc

e465e5e Fix profiledbootstrap poly_int fallout [PR111642]

8 hours ago via gcc

9464e72 cpymem for RISC-V with v extension

12 hours ago via gcc

80ee04d Daily bump.

14 hours ago via gcc

e7a23bb Daily bump.

14 hours ago via gcc
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