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GNU Compiler Collection


gdb and binutils, a collection of binary tools and a debugger


an instrumentation framework for building dynamic analysis tools


debuginfo and source file distributions, build-ids and rewrite DWARF source paths


a collection of utilities and libraries to read, create and modify ELF binary files, find and handle DWARF debug data, symbols, thread state and stacktraces


2325c89 OpenMP/Fortran: Fix has_device_addr clause splitting [PR108558]

48 minutes ago via gcc

16f3068 doc: Fix up return type of __builtin_va_arg_pack_len [PR108560]

an hour ago via gcc

9b9a1ac RISC-V: Fix bug of before_p function

an hour ago via gcc

0f024ff RISC-V: Add TARGET_MIN_VLEN > 32 into iterators of EEW = 64 vector modes

an hour ago via gcc

89483d9 RISC-V: Change parse_insn into public for future use.

an hour ago via gcc

5aa486e RISC-V: Reorder VSETVL pass location

an hour ago via gcc

8397924 Modula-2: Add claimed command line options to lang.opt [PR108555].

2 hours ago via gcc

d1e0575 gomp/declare-variant-1*.f90: Update for Windows

2 hours ago via gcc

31b4cda x86: move reg_operands adjustment

2 hours ago via binutils-gdb

f7e4bb4 Bug 382034 - Testcases build fixes for musl

3 hours ago via valgrind

dee222c Bug 464859 - Build failures with GCC-13 (drd tsan_unittest)

3 hours ago via valgrind

57c1641 Linux regtest: some extra filtering for helgrind bug392331

3 hours ago via valgrind

1f5e626 Call bfd_close_all_done in ld_cleanup

4 hours ago via binutils-gdb

0df691f Linux regtest: forgot prereq test for scalar_openat2

4 hours ago via valgrind

1f7a6a0 add memcmp loop expander

5 hours ago via gcc
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